"Toy Chica's heart is special.. there is no doubt about it."


Kingdom Freddy's is a spin off the Kingdom Heart series. It focuses around the main character "Toy Chica"And her friends who can wield a keyblade to battle the darkness.


There is no plot yet, as the series has yet to be released yet. However, the only thing I can tell you is that it involves around friendship mostly. Not the heart aspect that KH follows. Or maybe... a little of it.

This is the latest series before Toy Chica and Adventures was cancelled


  • It's based off Mackenzie's favorite game series.
  • It was a running gag at first, but Mackenzie decided it was finally going to make the cut.
  • It was originally going to be called Kingdom Fazbear
  • It's not an actual game.
  • It's first episode is releasing April 15th 2018. If not maybe earlier.
  • The original main character was supposed to be Freddy, but changes were made so now Toy Chica is the main character. This can be changed anytime as Mackenzie has not even worked on the final product.