History Edit

Toy Chica's Adventures was a series created by Mackenzie and Sparky. With Shiba and Sparky writing the story together. The series never saw the light of day and only a trailer was posted. It mainly focused around Toy Chica and her vlogging with her best friends. Much to Toy Freddy's dislike and what not. The trailer was not very well received and got more dislikes then likes.

Plot Edit

The story was supposed to focus mainly on Toy Chica and her connections with her friends. Her friends had trouble finding themselves and would often find themselves in puzzle where they would have to come up with ideas together as family. The series was cancelled and the episode was never released. There is a script, however. But it's buried somewhere deep in Google +.

Only Shiba has the link.

Trivia Edit

  • It's trailer did not do well
  • It's the second series to be cancelled in less then a month
  • Sparky's mother had voiced Foxy at one point
  • Toy Chica was supposedly supposed to get a keyblade before Sparky and Shiba came along and rewrote everything.
  • It's first episode never aired because of a weird bug that messed up the whole film. Mackenzie did not bother to fix it at all. Therefore ending the series completely. She has posted the video somewhere, but it's not going to be linked here because of how much of a embarrassment it was when it messed up.
  • It was going to be the longest running series with 3 seasons before coming to a end.
  • Jwr's OC was going to make a brief appearance before it ended. He was shown in the trailer.
  • It was created after The Fazbear Family was cancelled.
  • It was the sequel to The Fazbear Family after Springtrap was rescued. But then again, the reason we never saw this was because the Fazbear Family was cancelled.
  • It's series finale was scheduled for June 6th 2018. Thus meaning it was never meant to last very long. It also indicates that Mackenzie is very lazy.